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LGT Aerospace

News from the director


Welcome to LGT Aerospace, Experimental research into Airvehicles

This is the place for the latest news on the LGT Stratos 

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LGT Stratos info


The LGT  Stratos, an experimental joint wing air vehicle originally designed and flown 25 years ago in Australia by Charles Ligeti. To learn more about the aircraft’s history visit the Stratos history link.

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Remote Control Ligeti Stratos Depron model
Pictured here on the wing of the Original Prototype

A prototype depron LGT Stratos model was build and flown, after much testing it was decided to have the stratos model manufactured. Paul Blymyer through RC foam agreed to produce a depron R/C model via a licensing agreement. Paul used the original cut file drawings given to him by LGT Aerospace and created a production R/C model kit for sale. 

This model is a real head turner, flies fantastic, can be flown slowly or fast, is fully aerobatic and can be put together in one afternoon

To see the video on the new production version of the depron Stratos click on this link

If you would like to purchase your own R/C model Stratos to test and have fun with click below on RCFOAM.


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Ulysses is a lifting body airvehicle with anthedral wings and cranked arrow wing planform. There are three major variations of this design

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SST relations to FM and QT


Research into Super String Theory and it's relation to Fractal Mathematics and Quantum Theory. Development of practical experiments to show mass - energy relationships and their second order dimensional effects

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